I thoroughly enjoyed my work experience with JensonR+, gaining a vast insight into the pharmaceutical industry. I was lucky enough to speak to professionals in all areas, learning about them as individuals and their roles within the consultancy. I was able to expand my knowledge of each department, broadening my understanding of regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, quality assurance and medical devices.

I discussed future career paths with all members of JensonR+, including graduates. The graduates explained their pathways into JensonR+ and gave me tips on how to enter the world of pharmaceuticals. All my conversations at Jenson were truly inspiring and extremely helpful. As the week went on, I began to understand the flexibility of working for the consultancy firm. Everyone who worked for JensonR+ emphasised how dynamic their job was, collaborating with other departments enabling them to explore other areas and progress within company. I feel that is a very key aspect for an interesting career.

Whilst at JensonR+, I carried out some tasks for the Quality Assurance team. I educated myself about the strict regulations they must comply to for their products including the SOPs, the standard operating procedures, they must follow. Overall, my time at JensonR+ has motivated and excited me for my future career prospects within this growing industry. I have benefited immensely, and I would recommend this experience to anyone wanting to get a feel for pharmaceuticals. I would like to thank the staff at JensonR+ for their time and effort in making this experience possible.

Emma Gibbins
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